Our Story

Illustrator and designer Somaia Abolezz established her brand in 2017.

The brand's mission and logo take inspiration from Bastet, the ancient Egyptian cat Goddess. Bastet, as the daughter of the sun God Re, exemplified a warrior deity, safeguarding homes, preserving women's secrets, and offering healing, particularly for women and children.

Somaia strongly believes in the butterfly effect, where every small act of goodness resonates throughout the world. She began by volunteering in Ezbt Khirallah with Dawar Art Space, aiming to empower women in underdeveloped areas to express themselves through art.

"Art For a Cause" Carrying her beliefs into her business, Somaia dedicates 5% of her prices to support various special causes.

Our Mission

At Somaia Abolezz, our mission is to inspire authenticity, promote kindness, and empower our customers through the transformative medium of wearable art products. We believe in the profound impact of self-expression and aim to create a space where individuals can embrace their true selves while making a positive statement in the world. Through our designs, we strive to weave a tapestry of creativity, kindness, and empowerment, fostering a community that celebrates individuality and positive impact